I’m a native of Bishop Auckland, County Durham, but I’ve lived in Sussex for the last seventeen of my forty nine years, and in London for thirteen years prior to that. Married with two children, I’m passionate about football, music, travel and film- usually in that order. I’m also very annoyed that, after many years of research, I still haven’t found northern quality fish and chips anywhere near where I live or work- although as my waistline will testify, I haven’t yet given up looking.

I'm not a Manchester United fan. If you look closely you'll find I was supporting the mighty Crawley Town.
I’m not a Manchester United fan. If you look closely you’ll find I was supporting the mighty Crawley Town.

This website is effectively a repository for my work. I write particularly about football, generally but not exclusively of the Non League variety, and my work has been used by When Saturday Comes, The Non League Paper, Late Tackle magazine, The Non League Magazine, a collection of fine Sussex newspapers and a host of Non League clubs in their matchday programmes. I am also the South East correspondent for Non League Daily. Sometimes, though increasingly less often, I also write about music and travel, but it’s difficult to find time away from the national obsession.

Eventually everything I write ends up here- although often in a form unrecognisable from that you may originally have read elsewhere, as I laugh in the face of word limits.  I hope that you will find it interesting, informative and entertaining. If you do, please leave a comment and tell your friends. If you don’t, still feel free to leave a comment, which I will attempt to delete quickly before anyone else gets to read it, prior to sulking and wishing a plague of locusts upon your household.

All work here-including the photographs, unless stated- is copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission. However I might well give you permission if you ask nicely and tell the world where you found it. All views expressed are those of the author. All work is original.

I can be contacted by email on  townsendaround@gmail.com

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